There is a saying I found that helps me when I am in need of motivation. It goes: "How amazing is it that the same God who created the mountains and the stars thought the world needed you too?" So I took the constellation Pisces, because that is my zodiac sign, and Pictor, the constellation of an easel and combined them to create my logo because I am a creative. I am a true team player and can always be counted on to see a project through. I want to do good for myself, the people around me, my community, and the world in general.




Presidential Award (2017): This was a scholarship award.

Academic Award (2017): This award was presented to me for holding a GPA of 3.7 or higher

3D and Motion Design Award (2018): This award was given to one of my logo designs

Design and Illustration Award (2018): This award was given to me for overall design and illustration skills







A well rounded education has given me the ability to do many different
things, but what I enjoy most is advertising and branding. After almost two
years I have found where my artistic heart lies–advertising and branding. These
types of projects are what really gets my creative gears moving.


Print Design

Part of advertising and branding is creating work such as magazine advertisments, billboards, in-store signage, promotional print products, and more. I enjoy creating these things within the campaign for a product or company.

Web Design

Another important part of advertising is creating the webpage. Customers are in need of anytime online access. Designing the pages and coding HTML and CSS comes easy to me and is something I really enjoy creating.





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