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Lets Grow Together

My name is Kyle Koster, I am an aspiring graphic designer and always look to improve my skills.

I am a graduate of The Creative Center, college of art & design. I have always wanted to create, but I wasn't the best with traditional media so I moved onto the computer and found my talents there! Ever since then I have been striving to become a graphic designer that I can be proud of.



What can I do?

Here are a few things I love to do.


Print Design

Print design is my favorite type of work. There's no other feeling being able to create anything from almost nothing. I feel like there is a lot you can say with only a couple of words and a strong visual.


I put a lot of effort into print designs. My dream is one day that if I asked someone about my work they would say, "Oh I remember that." It doesn't matter if it was a small piece that didn't get a lot of exposure.

Web Design

Web design is enjoyable. Designing websites seemed hard at first, but have slowly been getting the hang of it and really enjoy the process. My confidence in web design skills keeps growing to new heights.


Photography has a special place in my heart. Capturing an unforgettable moment is one of the best feelings that anyone can have. It started as a small passion when I was young, and that passion is growing with each passing day.


I want to capture special moments for everyone to enjoy.


Get to know more about me

Take a look at my talents, experiences and education.




Something Catch Your Eye?

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