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Use the links above to explore the different programs offered at the Creative Center.

The Creative Center teaches the latest in computer graphics and exposes students to visiting creative professionals. Competitions are encouraged as well as memberships in professional organizations and museums. Graduates will be trained for entry-level graphic design and advertising positions in a wide range of businesses including, but not limited to, design studios, ad agencies, in-house art departments, printers, television, newspapers, publishers, direct-mail companies, magazines, and retailers.


Education Philosophy & Objectives

The Creative Center believes that with the correct training, students with drive and motivated artistic ability can achieve a successful and fulfilling career in commercial art. The Creative Center will aid students in the development of their natural artistic talents as they master a variety of media and technical skills.

Instructors encourage the students to think creatively and discover innovative problem-solving methods. Students will graduate with a working knowledge of tools, equipment, and computer graphics. They will also have a professional-looking portfolio and résumé which will prepare them to enter the work force with confidence.

The Creative Center is committed to providing a practical education that benefits both the student and the future employer. This goal is accomplished by employing instructors who have experience as professional commercial artists and training in education. Students work on assignments from conception to final art completing a wide range of projects similar to those they will receive in the business world.