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professional input improves the curriculum every year

The Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PAC is comprised of creative professionals such as art directors, creative directors, copywriters, illustrators, and business executives and owners, as well as professionals from the education industry. This committee helps determine the direction of the curriculum, as well as participating in our annual Portfolio Review Night, a yearly one-on-one critique of graduating students’ portfolios. Our current PAC members are:

Greg Ahrens

Executive Vice President / Co-Creative Director; Smith Kroeger

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Mike Compton

Executive Vice President; Renze Display

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Pat Ervin

President; Fountain Creek DezignWorks

Ginger Falldorf

Graphic Designer; Arbor Day Foundation

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Dan Greve

Design Manager, Creative Studio; TD Ameritrade

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Suzie Hartman

Owner; Flourish Design, LLC

Mike Henderson

Senior Art Director; Turnpost

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Isaac Hinds

Marketing Director; PepsiCo

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Barbara McCuen

Artist; retired Education Research Consultant and Marketing Professor

Bryan Morhardt

General Manager; Standard Printing Company

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Nate Perry

Senior Art Director; Turnpost

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Paula Steenson

Owner; Paula Presents!

Gary Withrow

Graphic Designer; HDR

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