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“I am still learning.” — Michelangelo (in his 90’s)

Creative Center building

The Creative Center services students who love art, have artistic skills, and want to make art a career. Founded in 1993, Creative Center has offered an art-focused education for 25 years.

This page has been created to answer the most frequently asked questions from parents.

Full Name:

Creative Center, college of art and design


Northwest suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Designers create posters, brochures, websites, outdoor signage, TV commercials, radio spots and many other marketing & advertising pieces. Designers solve customer’s marketing problems in creative and meaningful ways.

Why do artists choose Graphic Design?

With a natural ability to think unconventionally, artists know how color and design compliment our ability to communicate. Using these and other skills to create powerful images, artists help promote customers’ needs.

Why do artists choose an art college?

Art colleges offer degrees that are focused on what the artist wants: expanding technical art skills and creativity.

Why do artists choose the Creative Center?

CC is accredited by ACCSC* and the Nebraska Department of Education and is the only art college in Nebraska. Students graduate having completed a balance of art & business courses that prepare them for the advertising and design industries. Creative Center consistently graduates a higher than average percentage of students in both programs compared to all schools accredited by ACCSC.

How can CC students graduate in 3 years?

CC students often complete up to twice as many credits per semester than most students at other universities. When professional artists train young artists for an art career, more information can be covered in less time. Annual tuitions are sometimes higher because most CC students earn more credit hours per semester than at a traditional university thus graduating in less time.

Are Graphic Design careers available in the Midwest?

Graphic Design careers have no geographic boundaries. Although no college can guarantee employment, graphic artists are working in all 50 states. CC’s career services department assists graduates to find work at large advertising agencies, design firms, and others at their kitchen table, as well as many other options in between.

Does a career in Graphic Design provide a steady income?

Yes. Incomes vary, based on many things, but average salaries for a Graphic Designer in Omaha, NE, range between $30 – $83K per year.** The US Department of Labor lists the national average salary for graphic designers at $54,680. ***

How can a parent know if their child’s skills are sufficient to work in an art career?

The Creative Center requires each prospective student and their parents to visit the college before applying and enrolling. Families will gain a better understanding of our college and the visit lets us get to know your son or daughter. If Graphic Design and our college look right for your child, a skills assessment will be completed before a student can begin classes.

Is student housing available, and is it safe & secure?

Student housing is available and is less than a ten-minute walk from the college. CC has partnered with this apartment complex for over 10 years. They are located in a quiet, residential neighborhood and utilize key controlled access buildings, among other safety features. CC helps assign roommates for incoming students that request our help.

How should a student prepare for attending an art college?

Graphic design is an art career, and CC believes artists make the best graphic designers. Students interested in graphic design should take as many traditional art classes as possible to increase technical skills and creativity.

If the Creative Center looks like a good fit for your son or daughter, we would love to have you visit the campus.

You can set up that college visit here.


*ACCSC = Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges
**;; – gathered 6/2019
*** – gathered 6/2019