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Housing Assistance

Apartment availability is limited; students must enroll prior to May 31 to receive housing assistance for the following school year. For students enrolling for the Fall of 2018, please complete the Apartment Survey below before May 31, 2018. This form can be submitted completely online. For additional information on student housing, please contact the admissions department.

Apartment Assistance Survey

Student Information

If you have any roommate(s) that you would like to room with, regardless of whether or not they are coming to the Creative Center, please complete the following section (attach additional sheets if needed):  

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Apartment Floor Plans can be obtained by clicking here

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By submitting this form I understand the Creative Center is not legally affiliated in any way with The Club at Highland Park apartments and the Creative Center cannot be held responsible or liable for any contracts that I, or my parents, enter into with The Club at Highland Park apartments. Neither the Creative Center, nor The Club at Highland Park apartments, can guarantee the preferences in number of roommates and/or that your choices of apartments will be available. I also give the Creative Center authorization to release my contact information to my selected roommates.