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A little about me

Coffee, Practice, and Late Nights

Every day involves 1-5 cups of coffee getting me ready for the day and keeping me going late at night. I'm always trying to push myself and become better with each day. If I don't know something I research and find the most efficient way of doing the job the right way. I enjoy a challenge and am always willing to push my limits.

Awards and Other Accomplishments

Creative Center Awards : 2017 Outstanding Progress Award, 2018 Advertising Design Award, and Exceptional Work Award. In 2018 I won a Gold Nebraska Addy for a Point of Purchase Display I did for a Pop Tart Campaign.


A few things I'm good at

If I don't know it, i'll learn it.


Print Design

Print design is a real passion for me. Physically picking up a finished piece that I have created gives me a sense of accomplishment. It pushes me to work harder and to keep improving my designs.


Web Design

Web design is critical in Today's marketplace. With the over saturation of designers in todays industry it is important to be well rounded with multiple tools on my belt. Not only can I design and be a strategist I can also write code using HTML, and CSS. I'm always pushing myself to become better and more efficient with my coding.

Team Player

I'm a great team player. I can be put with anyone and work well with them. I always put my best effort in, not only for me but for my team. I always go the extra distance to make sure everything is as it needs to be. Being with a team is something that helps me because I get to build relationships with those around me that can challenge me to always improve and do my best.

Interested in more

I like to learn and enjoy a good challenge. I'm always looking for bigger better opportunities to improve my skills. I'm willing to go out of my comfort zone to learn more and be a better rounded person. I'll never stop learning and will always work my hardest to try and be the best I can be.


My resume

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