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Yo, What's Up

My name is Trever Smith

I enjoy Graphic design with a cup of coffee and a couple of dogs laying beside me.


Other cool stuff

I've painted a 12x8 foot mural for my church and I've done a couple of shirt and tattoo designs




What I dont know, I'm willing to learn

Print Design

Print design is a real passion for me. I can do all things in print design, from two page spreads to, posters to, magazine covers. You name it I can do it.


Web Design

Web design is critical in todays marketplace. Coding is more of a challenge but in a good way. I love myself a good challenge.


I love traditional, and digital media. My favorite thing to do is grab a pencil and make art whether that pencil be graphite or a digtal pencil anything works for me.


like what you see?

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Download a PDF of my resume.




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