Hello! My name is Kirsten Peterson, and I'm from Columbus, NE. I currently attend the Creative Center in Omaha, NE, and will receive my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design in 2019. I love anything and everything art. I also love dance, dogs, and food. I am outgoing, and I love to meet new people. I grew up in a small town, so I want to freelance and work with people one-on-one and get to know my clients outside of business.

Cara Project - AIGA 2017 Bronze Award





Photoshop is home. You can do anything and everything in Photoshop. There's so much changing in the world- and fast. I am always learning new tricks to make a project finish faster but still look great. Photoshop is home to me, and I would love to invite you in to show you what I love.



There's something magical about fonts. When you have the right font with a great piece of art work, it just ties the whole piece together and speaks on the emotion of the piece. Everyday I am getting better and would love to make your piece magical.


You want to hire me. I love working on campaigns and ads, making everything fall together. People appreciate good, clean ads and campaigns; it's what makes a company well branded. I want to get to know your clients and tell their story.


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