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My name is Aubrieanna Krueger, AKA your savior.

Ever since the art bug bit me ten years ago, my motto has been dream high and come in by storm. Graphic Design runs through my veins. I love excitement and gravitate towards new projects. I’m always up to something great, and I would love to become a part of a masterpiece.I can produce breathtaking quality design and artwork in character design and illustrations. I am fully confident that I can do top notch work job for you.



Branding is my middle name. I absolutely adore doing ads and campaigns for businesses. It's a good way to show how the company really wants to be portrayed. I enjoy taking a clean, pristine cut approach to all my advertising, to make sure I capture the business in the most correct and gorgeous way possible.

Web Design

Websites are the heart to a company. I have found myself to grow fond of web design. I'm striving to conquer the challenging code that goes into making breathtaking websites. Everyday I am learning, and would love to learn so much more on my journey. Web is a new-found love, and I hope to kindle the fire as much as possible.


I am infatuated with hands-on, no doubt. Illustration is my soft spot, go-to happy place I always find myself in. Being everyone's first love, It's a given that it's a top favorite. My favorite thing to draw are doodles and sketches of cartoons. In meetings, at home, in bed, everywhere and anywhere I can. Definitely my strong suit.




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