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Lets Grow Together

My name is Kyle Koster I am an aspiring graphic designer and always look to improve my skills.

Currently I am a student at The Creative Center College of Art & Design and in my second year. I have always wanted to create, but I wasn't the best with traditional media so I moved onto the computer and found my talents there! Ever since then I have been striving to become a graphic designer that I can be proud of.



What can I do?

Here are a few things I love to do.


Print Design

Print design is my favorite type of work. I love being able to create anything from almost nothing but a idea or a small message. I feel like there is a lot you can say with only a couple of words and a strong visual.


I put a lot of effort into print designs. My dream is one day that if I asked someone about and print design I did they would say, "Oh I remember that." even if it was only a very small piece that didn't get out to a large population.

Web Design

Web design is a lot different than I first thought and I am enjoying it. Designing websites seemed hard at first, but I have slowly been getting the hang of it and I have really been enjoying creating websites. Now I am getting more confident it my skills in web design and I want to go even further and push my skills to new heights.


Photography has always had a special place in my heart. Capturing an unforgettable moment is one of the best feelings that anyone can have. It started as a small passion when and I was young and that passion is growing with each passing day.


I want to capture special moments and be able to share these moments with everyone to enjoy.


Get to know more of me

Take a look at my talents, experiences and education.




Something Catch Your Eye?

Contact me and let me know whats on your mind

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