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I have been paying people to teach me all my life. I am ready to get paid to WORK!

I am a very innovative person, as well as a great thinker. I love to solve problems that no one else can find a solution to. Not only am I a great thinker, I am also a great creative. I would be a great addition to any graphic design team.


about me and other cool stuff

I am a very "one of a kind" person.

I have loved art since I could hold a pencil but, I did not know what I could do to make a living. Then, I found graphic design and the Creative Center, and I knew right away, what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. There is one thing I am very proud of, I had made a sword and shield out of foam board and entered it into a college art show. I found out later that it had actually been put on the front page of my local news paper.




Typeography, Illustration, Classic Pe


Print Design

Print design is a real passion for me.
I have a real passion for designing stickers and other graphics for cars and even motorcycles. In my free time I like to doodle, I always try to doodle new things you know like things I don't really draw a lot. But I always seem to come back to that simplistic style of stickers.

Web Design

Web design is critical in todays marketplace.
I will admit I'm not the best at coding websites but, I love to design them. That seems to get me into trouble a lot though. I will design a site so awesome and so complicated that when it comes time to code it I have no idea where to start.


I love traditional, and digital media.
I am a pencil and paper kinda guy, if I have a illustration to do in an ad or something of the sorts, I will use a good old pencil and paper to do the illustraion. Then scan it in the the computer, and trace it out.


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