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Ready to Work

A little bit about myself:

My name is Kasha Hill. I am a respectful, hard-working, passionate person who likes to get work done on time. In addition, I am caring and trustworthy. I am proficient in Photoshop and InDesign. I like to work on page layouts, logo designs and web. I am interested in accomplishing my life goals as a designer and working on my interests.


Awards and Freelance

What I have accomplished:

I have won an outstanding prorgress award from the Creative Center in 2016. Some of the work that I have worked on outside of school are; a t-shirt, a sign for a newsletter, and a website.



The things that I am interested in:


Print Design

Print design is a real passion for me. The thing that I like the most about printed copy is that nothing can replace the feeling of touching the paper in your hands. The process of putting a printed piece together is the best process ever. The best part of that process is seeing the end result of your design come to life in your hand ready for your audience.

Web Design

Web design is critical in todays marketplace. A lot in this world is digital or going digital. Any website needs to be compatible with all types of devices. Having a good designed responsive website is key to having customers want to read your whole site.


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