My passion is for design that’s risky, intuitive, grungy, and controversial. Something that just hits people’s hearts in emotional ways. I like taking risks. I like working to be the best. Design is my passion; my heart and nothing makes me more excited than design that isn’t the norm. That pushes the boundaries of good design. That’s what really pushes me to do more. Forever thinking that I could easily change the design world just as much as the next guy. Why not? I want to break stereotypes and the norms of the design world making an impact on people through my design.

Erin Hays
Phone : 712 246 8768
Email : erin.hays98@gmail.com


If I work in teams or by myself, I always try to find the best solutions in ways that surpass the project whether it be web, branding, illustration, or print design. I love succeeding at giving clients what they want and need because if they're happy, I'm happy too!

  • c


    Finding solutions to problems and implementing the best strategy through research.

  • b


    Designing not just for the company, but also for the ease of the user.

  • d


    Logos, business cards, stationery, and promotional materials.

  • f


    Handdrawn typography, t-shirt design, collage, paintings, vector artwork, and custom artwork.

  • p


    Designing for the understanding of the product’s use and target market.

  • m


    Whether it be hand drawn, illustrated, or for layout, I can give unique treatment to any design piece.


Check out some of my past work history to get an idea of what I’m made of.

  • 2017 - present

    Graphic Designer

    Printco Graphics

    Designing the layout, typography, and design of dog show ads and articles used in multiple magazines. Used initiative, motivation, interpersonal and oral communication skills, listening skills, and time management skills.

  • 2016 - present

    Graphic Designer


    Worked on branding, t-shirt design, poster design, social media, and promotional materials using illustration and typography.

  • 2014 - 2017

    Sales Associate

    Forever 21

    Used customer service skills to provide answers to customers and discuss current sales and promotions. Praised by management for enthusiastic teamwork and achievement.

  • Skills

    I constantly want to improve because good design is always changing and I want to push good design boundaries. These are some of the tools that I use that make me a great designer.

    HTML 5
    CSS 4


    Check out some of my recent blog posts to get an idea of how my process works as well as how I think.



    Logo Design: The Psychology Behind the Mark

    One thing I always ask myself is what makes award winning logos? But also how do they really affect people’s purchasing habits? I’ll try and provide as much information as I can to really get to know what branding is all about and how it affects people...



    Beautiful Soul, You Are Amazing.

    You have dreams don’t you? Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t achieve them. Don’t let someone else control your life. You are worthy of control over your life. You are loved. You are enough. You are amazing. You are beautiful...



    Perceiving is Believing

    Do you ever just see all of the world and think how different everyone perceives it? There’s 7 billion people on earth which means there’s 7 billion different lives seeing the world differently. That’s insane to me. There’s an infinite amount of ways people can create art around the way they perceive things...



    Controversial Art and the Real World

    When something’s a part of you, who you are, you put an immense amount of effort into it, because you love it. That’s how I am with art. Any kind of art excites me. There’s a billion different ways to do it. There’s a billion different ways a person could perceive it...



    From Conception to Completion: Ram Skull Concert Poster and T-shirt

    I started out this design drawing with pencil and then put it in photoshop. I created this poster as a fun project and the guy in charge of the concert loved it so much he used it as the official poster for the show...



    Push the Boundaries

    You know what I really love? Design that’s risky. Intuitive. Grungy. Controversial. Something that just hits people’s hearts in emotional ways. I love getting reactions out of people just by creating something that’s never been done before. I like taking risks. I like working to be the best. I like pushing myself to be even better than last time...


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