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Ready to Go

I want to be the best of the best .

I'm ready to go, in many situations, I'm willing to learn almost anything, easy or difficult . I don't like to let problems stand in my way of finding a solution. I like to move fast and keep going until nothing is left in the tank and I'm running on fumes. I consider my self well rounded in most things.


Other Cool Stuff

I like to do more than just art.

I like to work alot with my hands and that includes things like fixing and learning motors, working with vinyl and spray paint. Video games are also alot of fun, and keep me busy in my spare time.




Here is what I can Do!.


Print Design

Print design is something else ... But, in a good way. Print can be done a million and one different ways and I want to make a million and two. Changing the way words can be manipulated to create art is fascinating.


Illustrating for me can be alot of things I enjoy doing poster work, stickers, t-shirts, and vehicle wrap designs. My favorite way of doing these is with simplicity in colors and shapes. Complexity can make things harder to define, and a little goes a long way.


It just so happens you have already seen my photography! Did you spot it? It's still a work in progress but, everyone starts somewhere. Cars and landscapes are what I enjoy capturing most. Something about those two things can tell a huge story. Next step people and the the stories their smiles share.



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