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Where To Start?

Yes, my favorite color is blue.

One thing you'll learn about me is my color is blue. Blue logo, blue type, and blue pens. Is blue the only color I know? Nope.

I'm a Creative Center alumni who was valedictorian for Associate Class of 2017 and has taken the Bachelor's program at the Creative Center. I have never missed a day of school nor have I been late without a good reason. My logo is a circle because of my "ring of fire" mentality. My brain continues to "burn" with new ideas and needs some way to get them out. That's where design comes in handy for a person like me.

I am a writer and an editor for a non-profit called Fine Lines. Fine Lines is a quarterly published journal that publishes writings from all ages. I have been with them since 2010, and I'm a Special Editor with them now. On the first Saturday of the month, I meet with fellow writers, and we go over the submissions we receive for publication. I read and make grammar suggestions.


Awards and Other Cool Stuff

Let's just say I don't give up easily

Internal Creative Center Awards


President's Award: 1

Director's Award: 2

Attendance Award: 6

Academic Achievement: 4

Instructor's Award: 3


Outside Awards


Fine Line's Publication: 16

Kung Fu: 1st Degree Black Belt




Illustration? Print? Digital? I can do that.


Print Design

Print design is a real passion for me. I interned for a summer at Renze Display in Omaha, NE and I found I had fun setting up mockups and print elements for the clients. I would measure out how big a logo would have to be to fit on a wall within the client's lobby.

Web Design

Web design is ever growing in today's society. People are glued to the internet. Companies have to stay on top of the next generation of web users and graphic design is heading into the world of web. Print is nice, but it may drop in demand. Fortunately, print can be adapted to fit the web.


I love traditional and digital media. In fact, I've been able to combine the two mediums together in a piece. One such project was a sign-up sheet for a summer camp. I did this with watercolor and gel pen. The camp staff loved it.

Here Are More Skills

I do know how to work a camera. I took a class where I had to develope my own black and white film. If you've never developed black and white film be prepared for the smell. The process is fun, but I'm still not a fan of the smell.


I'm not just good with black and white photos. I've tinkered with digital photography. There have been projects where I've gone out and taken photos myself with a high performance pocket camera. I know it's not like in the studio, but it gets the job done. I am able to convert those for web use.



Check out my resume to see how I got here.



Download a PDF of my resume.




Contact me to ask a question or to just say hello.

© Kristi Bolling 2018