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The Creative Center accepts applications from students who attend public, private, or homeschool high school venues. In order to enroll, students must have or be on track to receive their high school diploma or its equivalent. Students can be conditionally accepted with an in-progress high school transcript, however, in order to be fully accepted, an official high school transcript or its equivalent must be filed at the Creative Center. The enrollee is responsible for providing the final, official high school transcript.

Step 1: Enrollment Procedure

To reserve a place at the Creative Center, you must visit the campus. During the campus visit:

1. An Admissions Coordinator will conduct a one-time personal interview to explain the enrollment process and eligibility.

2. We will tour the campus.

3. When students enroll they must complete an enrollment agreement and application form, and provide a $200 enrollment fee and a $100 application fee. (The full $300 is refunded if not accepted).

NOTE: All applicants under age 24 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the interview and tour. After acceptance, the $100 Application Fee is non-refundable, and the $200 Enrollment Fee will be applied to the tuition.

Step 2: Appplication Procedure

After enrolling, prospective students must submit the following four (4) items to the Creative Center:

  • 1. A portfolio (10-15 samples of the student’s best work).
  • 2. A one-page letter explaining why the student wishes to attend the Creative Center.
  • 3. A letter of recommendation, preferably from a high school art teacher.
  • 4. A current high school transcript or its equivalent. (A final, official transcript or its equivalent will be required after you graduate from high school.)

Step 3: Acceptance and Scholarship Notification

After the acceptance committee has reviewed and accepted the student’s application for enrollment, an Acceptance Packet will be sent by mail. At this time notification will be given of any earned scholarship from the Creative Center.

Step 4: Financial Aid

Once the Creative Center has mailed the Acceptance Packet, students and their parents/guardians must call the Financial Aid Office to make an appointment. The Financial Aid office will provide a list of certain items to be brought to this meeting.

Click here for more information on Financial Aid.

Call for a tour

You are welcome to tour the Creative Center and meet with an Admissions Coordinator to address questions or concerns at any time. Call to arrange an appointment at (402) 898-1000 in Omaha or 1(888) 898-1789 outside of Omaha.

Already have a tour set up and need directions?

Housing Assistance

The Creative Center does not provide on-campus housing facilities but has made arrangements with a nearby apartment complex to assist with student housing. Apartments are located within walking distance from the college. One and two-bedroom apartments are available, and the Creative Center will help match students with roommates, if desired. Most current students who live in the apartments room with other students, thus decreasing their monthly rent payments. As of May 2018, rent payments ranged from $270-$300 per month, including utilities, for each of four students in a two-bedroom apartment. Apartment availability is limited; students must enroll prior to May 31 to receive housing assistance for the following school year.

For students enrolling for the Fall of 2019, please complete this Apartment Survey before May 31, 2019. This form can be submitted completely online. For additional information on student housing, please contact the admissions department.