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graphic designers teaching future graphic designers

In 1993, Ray Dotzler founded the Creative Center, a college specializing in graphic design. After years of reviewing student portfolios from colleges across the Midwest, he counseled with his creative colleagues and concluded something better had to be done.

With the advent of desktop publishing, it was obvious that students working in an “on the job” type of atmosphere and with the correct training in design and software could be employed in the challenging graphic design and advertising profession.

The Creative Center receives direction from its affiliation with an award-winning design studio, Dotzler Creative Arts (DCA), founded by Mr. Dotzler in 1984. Since its inception, DCA has won over 400 creative awards including a national ADDY, Health Care Marketing’s “Best of Show,” DESI, Print’s Regional Design Annual, Graphis, and How magazine. But, what really makes Mr. Dotzler proud is watching students from the Creative Center win piles of student awards – more than 600 so far!

“The Creative Center's program mimics on-the-job training.

We strongly believe that the graphic designer of today needs to be well versed in multiple aspects of graphic design: from websites to ads; from illustrations to signs; from logos to multimedia; and more.

The college’s approach – five days a week from 8:30 to 3:30 – allows students constant instructor oversight, more diverse graphic variety, and an emphasis on design quality, which leads to more placement opportunities and career advancement.”

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