Typography 101

Typography, or the production of letter forms, is a basic and essential element used for all graphic designs, and a complete understanding is necessary. This course will proceed through a brief history of typography from calligraphy to electronically produced typestyles used in high resolution output. Letter forms with type personalities implemented into compositions will be studied and applied along with type association and memorization. Exercises will involve hand lettering of calligraphy and rendering of existing letter forms and type styles. Lettering structure, serif, sans serif, kerning, scaling, letter spacing, type styles, and personalities will be studied and applied through type design projects. Students will learn how to construct and modify type for use in logo designs and headlines. The importance of the selection as a design element in all graphics will be emphasized and an appreciation for type will be developed.

Course Objective:

This introductory course is designed to help students achieve a basic understanding of the design and letter form of typography through various exercises beginning with analysis of characters hand drawing of standard lettering forms through to calligraphy. Students will learn to recognize a variety of typefaces through study and memorization of available fonts. They will also learn to modify existing typefaces and will continue their study in effective use of type in design and layout.

Performance Objective:

At the completion of this course, students will be able to identify the form or design of basic letter forms and will be able to choose appropriate typefaces for different projects. Students will integrate type into their designs effectively and creatively, and will be able to modify an existing typeface for headline or logo design.