Publishing and Print Production 201

This course provides an on-site look at print production from traditional paste-up to electronic desktop publishing. Students will tour prepress and printing companies to become familiar with the various imageproduction methods now available to the designer. Several different approaches will be taught to create reproducible digital files. Assignments are designed to give the students the understanding of the practical use of tools, masking materials, production setup, and final reproduction of color separations. This course also covers the various drawing and layout programs used in the business today. Students will develop a thorough understanding of PDFs and other programs that will electronically complete projects such as stationery, brochures, ads, direct mail pieces, and cover designs. Computer creation of 1- to 4-color process and spot color will be studied and executed. Color trapping will also be taught to finalize digital files for output.

Course Objective:

Students will study computer aided production methods in depth, as well as be made aware of traditional production art methods. They will understand the processes a project goes through from production art to film, proofing, color separations, and printed piece. This course will enable a student to take a design or layout from the design phase to its final output in numerous programs.

Performance Objective:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create and prepare final digital files for different printing and prepress methods. Additionally, students will be able to utilize the computer and its programs to design and produce layouts for final preparation for output. They will create their own computer files to meet professional industry standards.