Portfolio Development 201

By fine-tuning projects created in previous courses and creating additional pieces to round out their body of work, students will prepare a professional portfolio suitable for presenting to employers. A creative and comprehensive résumé will also be completed, and both will be evaluated by professionals. Projects will be evaluated, critiqued and reworked for inclusion in final portfolios. A digital version of the students' portfolios will also be created in the form of websites.

Course Objective:

This course will finalize and perfect artwork which will be included in the students' final portfolios. Each piece will be presented in the most professional manner applicable to that piece.

Performance Objective:

At the completion of this course, students will have professional-looking portfolios to present to potential employers. The portfolios will include diverse media and techniques and will reflect the students' creative personalities, computer skills and general strengths. Students will also have functional self-promotional websites which showcase the students' best work, and their skill sets.