Illustration 201

This course will study and practice award-winning illustration styles that are relevant and state-of-the-art in the marketplace today. Advanced illustrations using traditional as well as computer techniques will be produced for portfolio development. The class is designed to develop style and creativity with assignments similar to actual work problems. Deadlines, hard-to-please clients, and difficult illustration projects will be addressed. Students will work as art directors, photo art directors, designers, illustrators, and electronic artists to get a view of the “whole picture” and will learn to work efficiently in each role. Top quality work will be expected at this stage and grading will be more stringent.

Course Objective:

Students will focus on current styles and techniques, implementing them in the computer to create professional looking illustrations. This course will familiarize students with everything they may encounter in the workplace. Students will continue to improve their skills and personal illustration styles to further develop their portfolios.

Performance Objective:

At the completion of this course, students will have produced illustrations for their portfolio in diverse styles, displaying their own personal strengths. They will be familiar with current illustration styles that require both electronic and traditional imagery. Students will be able to produce a professional looking, creative and effective illustration under tight deadlines with revisions requested during the project by the instructor, gaining opportunities to work well with other creative people.