Campaign Management 301

Students will be taught effective ways to direct and purchase art, photography, illustration, printing, and pre-press color work. Students in this course will work as teams with specifically defined responsibilities. Coordination skills for positions such as a “Traffic Manager” will be taught by bringing in guest speakers with professional experience. They will learn to keep projects on schedule and on budget when working on simple or complex production processes. Students will design projects and will use these projects to learn how to become an art director and how to coordinate these projects from concept through production.

Course Objective:

Students will experience the varied steps involved in the production process. They will learn how to create the steps of the required timeline and how to schedule those steps, as well as manage the people who will be producing those steps.

Performance Objective:

Students will be evaluated on coordinating and managing the steps of different complex projects. Developing schedules, setting timelines, and overall project management and coordination skills will be tested. Students will learn and understand the time and effort required for each of these processes.