Art History 102

This course is a continuation of Art History 101, taking students through the time periods of Baroque through modern art and then looking specifically at graphic art throughout history. Students will explore the historical influences and implications of art and graphic design throughout the ages by studying and assessing distinguishable works and their creators. Emphasis will be placed on the technological advances that have played a major part in the evolution of both traditional art and graphic design and what effect, if any, these advances have on modern culture. Reading assignments will be required, supported by visuals and handouts.

Course Objective:

This course continues to lay foundational knowledge of the various influences and styles of art and graphic art history. Reading assignments, quizzes, and projects will broaden the student’s knowledge of the relationship between art history and the modern world. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the different forms of visual communication styles through hands-on exercises.

Performance Objective:

At the completion of this course, students will have an understanding of the origin of both traditional and graphic art and their influence through the ages to modern times. Students will also be able to identify influences in current-day visual communication, including printed materials, television, web and signage.