3-D Modeling, Display and Signage Design 201

In this course, creative design and extensive computer usage will be utilized in the creation of 3-dimensional models. Design and modeling emphasis will include indoor and outdoor signage, trade show displays, retail store displays, kiosks, movie poster rotating displays, architectural walk-throughs and industrial appliance design. Projects will emphasize the mockup stage of dimensional projects, using special effects and layering to create the illusion of actual finished pieces.

Course Objective:

This course will broaden students’ perspective on career opportunities as well as give valuable information and experience in 3-dimensional design and mockup execution on the computer.

Performance Objective:

Upon completion of this course, students will understand dimensional design, creation and mockup as needed for specific clients and/or projects. Students will have a solid grasp of how to design and build computerized mockups for multiple areas and situations.